Job Title: Project Manager


About ATX Event Systems:

ATXES is headquartered in Austin, TX and provides turnkey live event technology across the globe for some of the largest brands in the world. Their client list includes (among many others) Pope Francis, whose blessing ATXES credits in no small part with growing their team by 40% during a worldwide pandemic. Formed in 2009 during an economic crisis, ATXES was created by a group of live event engineers whose central philosophy is “diamonds are made out of pressure”. ATXES has a proven history of delivering unique and flawless productions in difficult conditions to help themselves, their community, and their clients come out on top. 


Job Description: 

The Project Manager at ATXES is responsible for the planning, management, and the successful delivery and execution of live event services. The Project Manager (PM) will work hand-in-hand with Account Management to understand a client’s production needs and to design a proposal and a plan for execution. 


Upon scope approval, The PM assumes primary ownership of an event. Depending on the complexity of the project, the PM may be the sole person tasked with pre-production activities or they may manage an entire team to ensure all items are completed on-time, on-budget, and in-line with expectations. 


Candidates should be: 
  • A highly effective interpersonal communicator.
  • Detail oriented and proficient at organizing their work digitally. 
  • Able to demonstrate a thorough technical understanding of audio-visual and technology principles.
  • Experienced designing and producing big budget live events.
  • Composed working under pressure. 
  • Collaborative minded team players.  


Duties and responsibilities may include but are not be limited to the following tasks:
  • Overseeing completion of an entire project’s scope of work. 
  • Leading internal project scrums to review progress. 
  • Navigating change orders and revising scope agreements as necessary. 
  • Creating CAD diagrams, room layouts, or concept designs.
  • Specifying detailed equipment and material lists. 
  • Documenting signal flow and wiring diagrams.  
  • Building labor requirements and managing crew calls. 
  • Preparing and ordering venue services.
  • Assessing security and implementing risk management plans.
  • Coordinating travel and accommodations with the ATXES administrative team. 
  • Preparing production schedules, venue production advances & AV run-of-show documents. 
  • Collaborating with warehouse and operations teams on delivery schedules. 
  • Assisting warehouse teams with the show preparation. 
  • Organizing pre-conference meetings with all stakeholders to review production advances.
  • Receiving, organizing and QC’ing show media.
  • Tracking and reporting expenses. 
  • Executing project management responsibilities on show site. 
  • Contributing to detailed retrospective reports aimed at continuous improvement. 
  • Processing financial reconciliation with the ATXES administrative team.


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