What Is The Event Effect?

In the business of experiential / event marketing, there’s an expression used to describe a perfect outcome for an event. It’s called the Event Effect and according to many, it is a very elusive target. If you have been in business or around business for any length of time, you’ve heard the adage, “It’s all related to cause and effect”. What you may not have heard are the particulars of that adage, so we’ll provide it now so you may some context:

“An effect of desirable and / or undesirable nature, may only be achieved by one or more causes that are both necessary and sufficient to produce it”.

Got what the Event Effect is now? If not, that’s okay because we’re going to to help a little and it’s probably best to start by clarifying what the Event Effect is not.

The Event is Not Achieved With Great Speakers or Entertainers

The Event Effect is not what happens at your events. As an example, it may be cool to have U2 or Carrie Underwood playing your event, but you run the risk of them being the first thing recalled or worse, the only thing remembered. Same difference with the greatest, most popular of keynote speakers.

It Won’t Be Achieved Through Technology Alone

It’s not the technology used in your events. Sure, you do need great technology to facilitate communication during and after your event – especially the latter. And this is especially true if you want to generate leads for your company, your vendors or your sponsors.

You Won’t Find The Event Effect Inside a Venue

Although your site selection is important, it’s selected mostly for the sake of convenience; the most important elements related to your site selection are the F&B (not necessarily in the hotel) and whether or not the primary and supplemental meeting / event space is conducive to your event outcome.

Preferences Vs. Necessities

Both the venue and food & beverage are event preferences and not necessary, much less sufficient to achieve the Event Effect. Why do we say preferences? Because you do not need a venue, F&B or lodging to conduct a virtual event. On the other hand, you must have the technology and the right keynote speaker to create attraction for a virtual meeting. This is why technology and great keynotes are necessities. Nonetheless, they are not sufficient to produce the Event Effect alone. Perhaps this is why the Event Effect is so elusive and / or intangible for many people in the meeting and event business.

So what is the Event Effect? How is the event effect achieved? 

The Event Effect Beings With End in Mind

A portion of the the Event Effect is the action you want your attendees to take while at your event or within a prescribed time frame afterward. This is correlated, if not the upshot reason you produced the event in the first place. You must be persuasive and the site, featured speakers, entertainers as well as the food, beverage & lodging plays a part in creating the atmosphere necessary for your audience to be receptive to the action you wish them to take. You still have to persuade them to do it.

How You Say it is More Important Than What You Say 

Persuasiveness is defined as the ability to move your audience from one position to another – to take action. How you deliver this message and the context in which you deliver it are what make it memorable. Don’t believe it? The next time you’re at an event and you want to get a laugh, suggestively tell your friends, “Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…”, they will laugh. When you’re having dinner ask them if they “have any Grey Poupon”. They’ll get it. And now you should, too. Your message and the way you deliver it means everything and is the difference in achieving the Event Effect or not.

The Event Effect is a Positive on Financials

The other portion of the Event Effect (whether it’s primary or secondary is in the eye of the beholder) is the financial benefit received by the enterprise. This is referred to as the ROI (Return on Investment) achieved by the event and specifically how it impacts the financial statement of the enterprise.  If revenue streams can be created from the event and sales leads developed and nurtured during and after the event; those revenues will be sustained and grow long after the event has taken place. Moreover, revenues will increase at subsequent events, further sustaining top-line growth. Whether you are a non-profit or for-profit, such growth is vital to the ongoing prosperity of your business.

It Starts With Being Purposeful

No matter whether the purpose of the event is awareness of a cause, top-line growth, product launch, or brand awareness; all play a role in the ongoing prosperity of a business. The Event Effect is the facilitation of this goal and it must be delivered in a tangible, measurable way or it is nebulous at best.

We Engineer Experiences That Deliver Your Event Effect

ATX Event Systems has developed a methodology to deliver the Event Effect, including a tangible ROI. If you want to achieve this kind of outcome, please see our RTS™ Project Management System and Eventespy™ Auditing Process. You will gain insight on how we can deliver this to you. You may also contact us directly. We look forward to working with you to produce your next Event Effect.