Five Tips For Hiring A Wedding Coordinator

wedding, event, av, austin, texas, planner, bride, groom,Whether you are the bride- or groom-to-be, an in-law (the one footing the bill, perhaps?), or a trusted friend of the couple, attending to all of the details of a wedding can be a monumental task. It can be a fun and rewarding task and if you like to do things yourself, it can be a task that you could never imagine relinquishing control of, no matter how stressful.

And maybe doing things the DIY way is something you truly want to pursue and that’s wonderful. Your wedding day will surely be on your own terms and you can rest easy knowing you have it under control. But if you feel out of control just by the prospect of thinking about all of the details or maybe you’ve already gotten in over your head, then there is a way to pull off your dream wedding without going crazy in the process: hire a wedding coordinator or planner.

Why a wedding coordinator?

Weddings are a time of change and excitement for most couples. It signals the beginning of the rest of your life – your shared life. Many of the changes that come with marriage can put a strain on you and your relationship.

Throw planning the thing into the mix and you’ve essentially added gasoline to a fire. If you don’t think the added stress is worth having control over the outcome (which, let’s be honest, you don’t have much control anyway), then hiring a wedding coordinator or planner can be the best investment you’ll ever make. But if you’re going to hire one, be sure to follow these tips for finding the right person for the job.

Tips for Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

  1. Do some research. Regardless of the size of your city, chances are there are several (if not hundreds in metro areas) wedding planners and coordinators selling their services. But as with anything, not all wedding coordinators are equal and it’s important that you understand exactly who they are, what they offer, and what type of results they get.
  2. Have a plan. While a wedding coordinator will do much of the execution and planning themselves, you should have a plan or a list of preferences before you meet with them. If you have colors, theme, schedule, or food in mind, be sure you document it before you go. That way you’ll be able to stay on track during your meeting and be able to steer it to your vision rather than one that they create for you. If they want to create their own version anyway (or you want them to), then at least you can compare the two and make an educated choice before moving forward.
  3. Assess their character and compatibility. When you meet with them, it’s important that you connect with them have the ability to assess the kind of person they are and if they will work well with you and your partner. Not all personalities are compatible and the last thing you want is to be dealing with a difficult wedding planner on your wedding day.
  4. Check with their references. While it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, checking with their references is a key component of ensuring you get what you pay for (and what you think you’re getting). Here are some questions you should ask the references What did they take care of for you (guest list, vendor meetings, setup and so on)? Did they have good vendor recommendations and coordinate with other pros? Did they respond quickly to your calls or emails, and were they nice to work with? Did the wedding go smoothly, according to your guests? Did anything go wrong, and how did they handle it? These questions will go a long way to painting the full picture of the person you are going to hire.
  5. Sign a contract. Someone’s word is not worth nothing, but you want to make sure that you protect yourself and your investment (after all, a wedding is quite the financial investment) with a contract. Make sure that everything you’ve discussed in your meetings – from your wishes and design choices to how many hours they intend to put in, etc – goes into the contract so that it is documented and signed off on. If anything does not go according to plan or they do not hold up their end of the deal, then you can use your contract to hold the accountable.

By following these five steps, you will be that much closer to the wedding of your dreams with minimal hassle and headaches. Hiring a third party service provider for your wedding may not be at the top of your mind, but in the end, hiring the right service providers can make your wedding day feel effortless so you can focus on you and your partner – the stars of the show.