Frequently Asked Questions About Events, Conferences, Trade Shows and Brand Activation’s

1. The hotel says that I must use their in-house vendor. How do I use your company if they won’t let me?

Using your own vendor in any venue is absolutely negotiable. There are several reasons why a member of the sales staff will tell you it is a must to use the in-house provider, but there are many ways to have this waived. We have accomplished this many times. Please contact us to learn how you can make this happen.

2.  We are always trying to save money on a tight budget. How does ATX Event Systems save us money on our event?

One of the easiest ways to save money is by using a 3rd party vendor. There is a great deal of “air” in the initial quote you receive from the in-house AV provider. That “air” can easily, and often does, offset any discounts on rooms, food & beverage. We can show you how to negotiate AV restrictions out of your contract and realize your entire savings.

3.  Are you able to support us outside of Austin?

Yes. We can support you anywhere in the United States. In fact, you can save a tremendous amount of money using us as a long term partner for your events. Contact our Director of Sales to learn how using ATX Event Systems will save you tremendous dollars as well as time.

4.  We try to leverage our events to drive brand awareness and sales. How does ATX Event Systems generate sales leads?

We are a true technology partner and have the capability to integrate your entire event planning system such as CVent, EventPro, Eventbrite, etc.     

5.  How long has ATX Event Systems been in business?

ATX Event Systems was launched in September of 2009.

6.  We have had trouble with sound and visuals in the past. How can you help us put the right equipment into our venue space?

ATX Event Systems uses a two stage project management system we call RTS™ (Roadmap to Success) to on-board and manage all of our event projects. One of the Milestones within this roadmap is our Diligence workstream. In this process we perform a site audit to ensure there are no sound wave or visual impediments that would negatively impact your event. Once the audit is completed, we are able to create a perfect equipment schedule tailored for your event space. 

7.  Our conferences are critical to our business. How can ATX Event Systems ensure we are successful?

We specialize in conferences. Our RTS (Roadmap to Success) project management system is a two phase project management system that has been honed over the last 10 years to result in flawless events. The system is philosophically linked to LEAN (Toyota Production System) best practices. In LEAN, value is driven and waste is eliminated. ATX Event Systems founder Beau Curtis believes if we pay attention to and manage the process, the result will take care of itself.