Job Title: Crew Manager


About ATX Event Systems:

ATXES is headquartered in Austin, TX and provides turnkey live event technology across the globe for some of the largest brands in the world.  ATXES was formed in 2009 by a group of live event engineers whose central philosophy to this day remains, “we create great experiences for our client’s events, and our company should be a great experience for us”.  ATXES has a proven history of growing during downturns and recessions, formed in  an economic downturn and then doubling in size from 2020 – 2022, all the while delivering unique and flawless productions in difficult conditions to help themselves, their community, and their clients come out on top.


Job Description: 

This position manages the relationship between ATXES and the people who help make our events happen. 

Internally, the Crew Manager will work closely with Producers and Project Managers to determine personnel scope and requirements, with Warehouse and Operations to ensure internal workforce needs are met, and with Accounting to verify and process payroll. 

Externally, the Crew Manager will interface closely with event professionals from around the world  to recruit and staff shows, and to recognize and cultivate those individuals who enhance our culture with their involvements. 

This position facilitates our collective success by maintaining a harmonious work-environment with all points of interaction and by coordinating the right people to the right place, at the right time.


Candidates should be: 
  • A highly effective interpersonal communicator. 
  • Extremely detail oriented and proficient at organizing their work digitally. 
  • Collaborative minded team players.
Duties and responsibilities may include but are not be limited to the following tasks:
  • Recruiting, vetting, and onboarding live event professionals.   
  • Staffing projects according to scope requirements and ensuring all vital details are clearly communicated to team members. 
  • Tracking and managing labor costs to ensure project profitability. 
  • Onsite management of large crew calls.
  • Reviewing contractor invoices for payroll approval and resolving issues or disputes as necessary.
  • Maintaining internal CRM databases and apps.  
  • Proactively coordinating ways to support our industry’s community through opportunities for education, training, skill development, and team building.  


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