Five Ways to Boost Meeting Attendance

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In only getting people to come to an event was as simple as “plan the event and they will come.” While there’s no magic recipe for incredible enrollment numbers, but there are a couple of basic things you can do to boost your attendance. Here are five ways easy tips to boost your attendance.

#1: Make It Worth Going To

Yes, this is obvious, but it also important to note. Whether your audience is loaded with 30-somethings or Boomers prepared for retirement, content trumps everything. A younger audience needs to be persuaded to leave their kiddos to go to your meeting. And even if the 50s on up have an empty nest, they will still want an answer to “what am I doing here?” with a specific end goal to make it worth leaving their other priorities.

It is wise to not be one of those event planners who put more energy into picking the band than into arranging the meeting itself. It is understandable to want your audience to have a decent time during the event. However, if the best part of the entire event was just the band playing, then it’s safe to say that they would not be returning one year from now.

Tip: Focus on important substance in your content that is worth leaving home for. Flashy amusements and great entertainment are fine, just as additional items.

#2: Use Word-Of-Mouth

Social media works well, but use old school word-of-mouth. How? By giving individuals a voice in any case. One of the best ways to use this by creating a poll on which people get to vote on what the event theme is going to shape.

Examples can include gathering information on which session to highlight on the biggest stage or by having a Q&A on the agenda. When individuals actually feel like they are involved with the meeting they helped plan, they will probably tell their friends with enthusiasm on why they can’t wait for the event.

Tip: Involve your target audience before the event to enable them to feel associated with it. When they do, they turn into your supporters.

#3: Facebook Is a Powerful Tool

Making a Facebook page for your event enables your audience to get pumped up for what’s to come, yet Facebook can also help in extra ways. The truth is that 60 percent of people find events through Facebook’s news feed, so making an “event” is useful. Additionally, consider using Facebook ads to specifically target the demographic that you want.

Tip: Click on Facebook’s “event” symbol as a guideline on how to set up an event. Also click “promote” for more information on how to use Facebook ads.

#4: Ask Your Speakers to Help Promote the Event.

It is important to ask your speakers to help promote your event because they want it to be just as successful as you want it to be. Speakers usually have their own sites, blogs, or use social media platforms, so just simply ask them to help promote. Most would be glad to.

Tip: Provide your speakers with details about your event and ask that they ensure a great attendance rate by promoting it on their platforms. Additionally, ask that the speakers contribute articles to pre-promote their own topics.

#5: Select a Location That is Perfect for Outside Activities.

Your area doesn’t need be exotic—and in truth shouldn’t be since you need it to be easily accessible. However, the area you do select should want people to go outside and explore. Everybody, regardless of their age, likes down time. Lakes, beautiful views, and walkable downtowns all enhance the experience outside of the meeting.

Tip: Give your attendees activity suggestions before the event and ask them to do the same on your event’s Facebook page.