Top 5 AV Equipment Needs for a Successful Event

blackboard reading back to basics, atx events, av equipment basicsWhether you’re planning a wedding, organizing a conference, or hosting a meeting, putting on an event can be an exciting endeavor. But it can also come with a to-do list a mile long as well as a large number of unknowns. This is especially true if this is the first big event you’ve planned.

Event planning is a profession all its own, but too often people are tasked with pulling off an event even if they have no experience and no idea where to start. One of the biggest obstacles in planning a large event is the audio visual (AV) component. How do you even begin to determine what type of audio and visual equipment you’ll need? And when you know what you want to use, what are the next steps?

Top 5 Essentials of AV Equipment for an Event

If you are planning an event with more than a dozen people, it’s imperative that you have the AV equipment on hand to make your presentations, speeches, or panels audible and appealing to all of your guests and attendees. To make a great event, here are some basics you need to consider having at the ready.

Laptop or Desktop Computer – This is necessary for holding any information you want to present to your audience. Whether it’s a slideshow for a wedding, presentation for a meeting, or music for a dance, you need to have a computer that’s ready to be loaded with your audio or visual files. You can use a laptop for easy transportation or use a desktop computer for a more permanent or stable location (exhibit booths, for example).

Monitor – It’s a good idea to have a large monitor available for your event, even if you are using a laptop. Having a large monitor that others can view with ease is a great way to bring life to presentations or videos of any kind. Make sure you have all of the necessary cords to connect your computer to your monitor as well.

Microphone – Giving a speech or presentation? Maybe you just need a way to get your audience’s attention? Then a microphone is a must-have. It doesn’t have to be high-end, but it should be quality enough to withstand use over the period of your event and should be easy to connect to your speakers or receiver equipment. If you have people presenting, you may want to consider microphones that can connect to their clothing rather than hand-held.

Projector – For large events where many people will be watching the same thing at the same time, a projector is a nice piece of equipment to have. You can project your computer screen onto a large surface or screen easily with a projector and then you can rest easy knowing that no one has to strain to see.

Speakers – A good speaker system can make all the difference at an event. The last thing you want is for people to have a hard time hearing you or your presenters, so having a good quality speaker system in place is essential.

Setting up your AV Equipment

Now that you have a better idea of the kind of AV equipment you need for your event, it’s time to determine how to go about setting it up for your big day. There are three main directions you can take for setting up your AV equipment for your event: on your own, through the event location, or through a 3rd party AV service.

Though all three options are good, they each have pros and cons that should be considered before diving into your event planning and setup. Let’s break each option down further.

Going it Alone

If you only have a few pieces of equipment and are having a small meeting or event, then you can probably set up your equipment on your own. However, even connecting a computer to an external monitor can be problematic, so it is good to always have someone on call or at the event site to help out if needed.

Event Space

No matter where you are having your event, a company like ATX Event Systems can help with all of your AV needs. We can help you pick out the proper equipment and get it all set up for you without you ever having to be there. This can help save on time and energy. More often than not, our services cost much less than if you used the onsite resources of your conference center of hotel.

3rd Party AV Service

Using a 3rd party AV service like ATX Event Systems can be a great solution to your AV needs. We can do as much or as little of the work as you need and are a great resource if you’ve never put on an event before. We do all of the setup and since it’s our specialtty, we will do a high-quality job. Usually we can save you money while delivering incredible value.  Many coordinators are under the impression that in-house vendors must be used, but this is a myth. Every point of your event can be negotiated and the discounts you receive on rooms can easily be eaten up by the inflated cost of the in-house AV provider. Contact us to learn more about how to negotiate this point so you have greater budget flexibility in the long run. Doing so can take your event to the next level you have always wanted without requiring a bigger budget.