Unique Value-Adds to Generate More Sponsorship Revenue

value added services, event sponsorship, austin, texas, atx events systems, Getting sponsors for an event can be a challenging task. You’re asking someone to pay for an event that hasn’t happened yet and promising them certain returns on such an investment. Quite a big ask for most organizations. However, many large (and some small) organizations get these requests regularly and have people and departments dedicated to fielding these requests and approving them if they see fit.

Since these types of requests come in so frequently, how do organizations go about choosing which events to invest in and how much of their marketing dollars to put toward the ones they do approve? One of the best ways to ensure that your event gets a high amount of marketing dollars from a sponsor is to provide a unique value-add to their sponsorship package.

Events are a frequent occurrence and many of them have the same types of sponsorship offers. For example, maybe they get a banner at the event or a table. Perhaps if they pay more they get their flyers in a goodie bag, or maybe they get their logo on promotional materials for the event or an event within the event. Regardless, these perks are common and have started to lose much of their lustre for organizations sponsoring such events.

Here are some ideas for unique value-adds that go beyond your standard brand awareness that many events will push to sponsors.

Unique Value-Adds for Event Sponsors

Create a marketing plan for them. Many event sponsors struggle to figure out exactly how they will leverage their coverage at the event. How do they make the best use of the exposure they will receive? If you’re seeking sponsorships from organizations that are a bit outside of your industry, then you can come to the table with a plan in place already for how they will leverage their sponsorship. Take out whatever obstacles to success could impede them and then demonstrate that you’ve thought through how they can come out ahead on the deal. This is something that most people will not take the time to do during the pitch process. It’s a deliverable that’s ahead of the event, but can make all the difference.

Add employee engagement as a perk. Employee involvement in business activities is becoming more and more important to businesses. Recent studies have shown that employees who volunteer together for various types of events are more productive at work and have strong bonds with their colleagues. Making them more invested in the overall success of the business. By proposing that organizations can have employee volunteers to work the event, you offer a unique perspective against other events. This way, companies can help their employees grow together, give their company exposure, and make the connection between their company and hard work and dedication. It’s a win-win for the business…and for you!

Technology sponsorships are the newest trend. What’s one thing 99% of your attendees have in common? A smartphone. That needs to be charged. Charging stations are a great way to get the attention of sponsors and attendees. It can be a memorable way to get brand recognition. What’s more, it can seem like a public service! Live streaming is another technology-related internet by sponsoring live stream of the event.

By offering some of these unique value-adds to your event sponsorship packages, you set yourself apart from the majority of events out there and can take your event to the next level. Having a few high-dollar sponsors can make your event something truly special for both you and the sponsor.