Using Enhanced Content for Event Lead Generation

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Oftentimes when we talk about enhanced content, we are talking about it as a way to sell products online. After all, when you sell content online, the product page is the product shelf, in a sense, and you have to make your case for why a consumer should purchase it from you.

When selling anything online, you face the added challenge of the consumer being unable to see or feel the product before making their purchase. And what’s more, when selling event tickets, you aren’t selling a tangible product – you are selling a service of sorts – an experience.

So how can you use enhanced content to create event lead generation and, in effect, sell more tickets to your event? Let’s dive into how we can take methodologies traditionally reserved for ecommerce and apply them to event sales.

How to use Enhanced Content for Events

Enhanced content is a form of high-quality content that works to anticipate all the details online shoppers may want to know about a product before making a purchase. This begins with a short, informative product intro and leads into supporting paragraphs focused on consumer benefits with easily and quickly scannable headers.

Enhanced content also contains multiple product images with different views, close-ups, or lifestyle photos with the product in action. The biggest benefit of enhanced content si that customers know exactly what they’re buying because enhanced pages contain accurate includes lists accompanied by video, 360 views, and comparison charts.

When applying these concepts to events, much of it translates well. If you create enhanced content for your event, you will shine above anyone in your competitive landscape. For example, if you create a landing page for your event, you’ll want the final action of the person visiting the page to be purchasing a ticket or pass.

If you understand the final goal, you can create content to support it. Much like any other product, you start by creating a brief description of the event. A 10,000 foot view of what the event is, what they get, and why they should attend.

Once you’ve established an overview and a basis from which to start for your audience, the next step is to bring them deeper into the sales funnel by creating additional supporting paragraphs that dive deeper into the value of attending your event. This content would then lead into pictures from past events (or of the venue if you haven’t held the event previously) as well as videos showing off past events or the venue itself. Anything to give the audience a preview of what to expect.

Before the call-to-action to purchase event tickets, you should also create a detailed list of what the attendee will get with the cost of their ticket. What exactly will they have access to? Are there different levels of tickets that will get them different access? Be explicit about what’s included and what’s not.

Why Enhanced Content Works

Enhanced content works primarily because creates a good first impression in a day and age where attention span is everything. A webpage only has about seven seconds of attention before the reader leaves the page, so it’s critical that the reader is presented with content that is engaging and meaningful for their current search.

Additionally, enhanced content works because it boosts search engine optimization (SEO) – meaning that more people can find your event for relevant searches within a search engine. The more visibility your event has and the easier it is to find you, the more likely it is that you’ll meet your goals for attendance. Especially if you have enhanced content on the page to keep them engaged and lead them through the sales funnel.