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Exclusive Interview: Blended Festival CEO Sean Evans - Part 1

The following is a lightly edited transcript of a candid interview between Dave Leong, CCO of ATX Event Systems and Sean Evans, CEO of My Wine Society and of Blended Festival. Thank you so much for joining me. I am Dave Leong, the Chief…
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The xR Revolution: Making it Affordable for Live Events

The world of innovation is, by definition, always changing. This crazy year, in particular, has demonstrated the speed at which humans can take an idea, run with it, and produce it into a marketable product. From vaccines to the now hundreds…
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The Importance of Executive Engagement

Executive engagement has been called the “DNA” of businesses and organizations. While there’s a lot of research and focus on employee engagement, executive engagement is just as important. Why? Organizations lacking leadership development…
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Three Ways to Maximize an RFP's Value

Writing an RFP for an upcoming event might seem daunting, but armed with the right approach, it makes event season significantly easier. In fact, a thorough RFP can save you loads of time and frustration during the event.  Here’s…
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Ho-Ho-Holiday Parties that will knock your employee’s stockings off

2019 has flown by and we’re coming up on the best time of the party planning time! It’s a busy season for corporate event planners and though the typical holiday party might evoke a few eye rolls, we’re looking forward…
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Roadshows for the Modern Event Marketer

Event marketing is an ever-changing industry that positions itself as essentially an industry within many industries. Though event marketing is an industry all its own, it’s lifeblood are the industries that support it through actually needing…
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Tips for Building your Field Marketing Department

In contemporary organizations, there’s often a disconnect between marketing and sales. This disconnect or gap stems from two basic reasons (there are more, but these two make up 80 percent of the cause): 1) the organization has been around…
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A Customer Advisory Board and your Product

In order for businesses to generate revenue, they must be able to sell a product or service to customers. While that is a simplified scenario, it is the underlying truth of all for-profit businesses (and even most non-profits and governments).…
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Field Marketing vs. Event Planning: Not one in the same

The marketing ecosystem and its functions is an essential part of any successful organization. But oftentimes, marketing is also somewhat shrouded in mystery. Everyone knows you need it, but not everyone knows what it is or how to successfully…