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The xR Revolution: Making it Affordable for Live Events

The world of innovation is, by definition, always changing. This crazy year, in particular, has demonstrated the speed at which humans can take an idea, run with it, and produce it into a marketable product. From vaccines to the now hundreds…
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Ho-Ho-Holiday Parties that will knock your employee’s stockings off

2019 has flown by and we’re coming up on the best time of the year...holiday party planning time! It’s a busy season for corporate event planners and though the typical holiday party might evoke a few eye rolls, we’re looking forward…
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Executive Engagement 101 (Part 1)

Executive Engagement Meetings 101 For any business to profit, customers “who want what only you have to offer” must be present. However, for any business to truly grow and change, Executive Engagement meetings are just as important. An…